Safe Machinery Part 5

Safe Machinery in Europe • Part 5
The new EC Machinery Directive
Comment on EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC


Alois Hüning • Marc Schulze
1st Edition • January 2011
ISBN: 978-3-941441-67-5

100 pages

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This leaflet „The new EC Machinery Directive“ is added to and completes, as part 5, the successful series of documents „Safe Machinery in Europe“. Furthermore, the wish expressed by many participants of seminars is satisfied, to publish the presentations on the new EC Machinery Directive with its comments as a reference book.

The authors of this leaflet do not claim to give clear formal and legal answers to the detailed questions and/or open questions on the interpretation and application of the Machinery Directive. This leaflet is intended to be written by practising experts for expert practice.

By mandatory application of the new EC Machinery Directive from 29 December 2009, new and modified legal bases for machinery in the European Economic Area are presented.

All those constructing or modifying, selling or buying and using machinery shall henceforth mandatorily apply the new legal bases, which include many advantages by means of clarifications and simplifications.

Existing company structures with respect to constructions, documentation and sales shall therefore be adapted.

This leaflet contains in particular:

● History, comparison of the old and new EC Machinery Directive and answers to the question why a new EC Machinery Directive was prepared,
● explanation of the new and extended scope as well as of the definitions,
● obligations for placing machinery on the market and for putting it into service,
● obligations for placing partly completed machinery on the market,
● recommendations for internal CE structures and guidance on CE marking of machinery and complex installations conforming with the directives which makes the practical use of the leaflet perfect.


Table of Contents

1. Why a new EC Machinery Directive?
1.1 Reasons and history
1.2 Comparison of the old and new EC Machinery Directive

2. Scope and definitions
2.1 Explaining the scope
2.2 Borderline to other Directives
2.3 Manufacturer – Who is responsible?

3. Obligations for placing machinery on the market and for putting it into service
3.1 Risk assessment according to Annex I
3.2 Essential health and safety requirements relating to the design and construction according to Annex I
3.3 Remarkable modifications given in Annex I
3.4 Technical file according to Annex VII A
3.5 Conformity assessment procedures
3.6 Declaration of conformity according to Annex II A
3.7 CE marking according to Annex III

4. Obligations for placing partly completed machinery on the market
4.1 Relevant technical documentation according to Annex VII B
4.2 Assembly instructions according to Annex VI
4.3 Declaration of incorporation according to Annex II B with “Check list for risk assessment“ (case study)

5. Market surveillance

6. Recommendations and guidance


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